Rafael Alberti : poète et dramaturge espagnol, surréaliste et communiste. Il abandonne l'Espagne suite au coup d'Etat de Franco et s'exile en France

jusqu'en 1977. Il meurt à Santa Maria en Cadix, sa ville natale, en 1999.


Antonin ARTAUD Protagoniste 

appearance age of 36 - green eye, brown hair, 1,75 m tall, thin  French-Spanish speaking.Magnetic, with desire of acknowledge, eclectic, strong personality. he is a part of intellectual society with a mandate of the government.Able to ride a horse.

In the film: he believes in dreams, he suffers cold, he is motivated, he is a writer, curious and able to adapt himself to any situation, European, physical fragile , pale face and strong psychology, is preparing himself for a discover, anxious and able to report any event on papers, great and public speaker

"Danseuse Mexicaine" resident  in Mexico or in Germany

Captain Van der Schmeer = Flemish captain, noble origin, left the Flanders for the sea,